Among the projects the association has made in recent years:

• Applied Research Consulting Committee of preventive action on locking and labeling of energy sources.

• Field surveys for construction safety "Technion" - a project entitled "Method 'thin' dynamic and quantitative planning measures to increase safety in construction.

• Training Content Development for Safety patrol car to " Reality" company in a project of the Israeli Institute for Hygiene and Safety.

• Conducting research activities of the institution NU safety and hygiene funding "Crane Foundation".

• computing "self-assessment" Safety for National Safety and Hygiene.

• Case preparation program training and tools for managing health and safety in employment.

• Comprehensive counseling to" InspireMD " company.

• Comprehensive counseling to "TheraCoat" company.

• Writing procedures for the Technion and companies in Israel and abroad.

• Comprehensive counseling and Writing procedures for BioSig .

• Comprehensive counseling and Writing procedures for International Atomic Energy Commission .


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