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The company "Israeli Society of Safety and Health LTD" was founded in 2002 by Dr. Asher Holzer, PhD . Company Chairman and President, the company operates its headquarters in Rannana and Ramat gan.

The company bases its capabilities on database experts who specialize in various areas around the needs of the company's operations, When the company is building after the diagnostic process of the project / task, the best professional team and his is getting underway together with the customer Implementation process is summarized .

The company operates in consulting, planning and project support on a variety health and safety.

Active in the company

Dr. Asher Holzer and Nachum Tir former the Director of Projects and Infrastructure Safety and Hygiene of the Israeli Institute, we operate in this Field of working in health and safety in employment in Israel for 30 years !.

Company's Goals

The company sees in her mind the increasing need help workplaces and policy makers, consulting and support in all areas of health and safety in employment.
In recent years, occur in the business environment in Israel In recent years, occur in the business environment in Israel.
Number of revolutions simultaneously create a dynamic and high thinking dilemmas and challenges for managers and safety personnel to do what is really true?

It turns out that most of the projects failed even reach crisis point due to the training and implementation process are faulty and not maintained properly by the participants in the process of project organization.
The company " Israeli Society of Safety and Health LTD carries the banner of produce to customers methodological tools and action capacities Between employers and supervisors on safety and serve as a "Guide for the Perplexed" operating organization, in order to help him dispel the "mist" created in the following areas :

• Legislative and regulatory
• Partner / supplier / contractor
• Maintenance operations
• Misty knowledge

Addition has established our company can help directly to middle managers and senior levels of the organization through professional guidance and assistance to management supervision.

The company and its people updated to the bottom of things.

The company has undertaken to lead sections of the processes in "start-up" companies.


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